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ST-26-Z8L series modules are 12X16 size high performance BDS/GNSS constellation navigation modules. These modules are based on the fourth generation low power GNSS SOC chip - AT6558, which supports a variety of satellite navigation systems, including China's BDS (BeiDou), U.S. GPS, Russia's GLONASS, EU's GALILEO, Japan's QZSS, and satellite-based augmentation systems SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN, MSAS). The AT6558 is a true 6-in-1 multimode satellite navigation and positioning chip with 32 tracking channels that can simultaneously receive GNSS signals from six satellite navigation systems and realize joint positioning, navigation and timing. The ST-26-Z8L series modules have the advantages of high sensitivity, low power consumption and low cost, and are suitable for vehicle navigation, handheld positioning and wearable devices, and can be directly replaced by Ublox NEO series modules.


Outstanding positioning and navigation functions, supporting single-system positioning of BDS/GPS/GLONASS satellite navigation systems and multi-system joint positioning in any combination, as well as supporting QZSS and SBAS systems. 

Supports A-GNSS 

Cold start capture sensitivity: -148dBm 

Tracking sensitivity: -162dBm 

Positioning accuracy: 2.5 meters (CEP50) 

First positioning time: 32 seconds 

Low power consumption: continuous operation <25mA (@3.3V) 

Built-in antenna detection and antenna short circuit protection

Application Fields

Vehicle positioning and navigation 

Cell phones, tablet PCs, handheld devices 

Embedded positioning devices 

Wearable devices


ST-26-Z8L series modules are equipped with Flash, which can be used to update the positioning function and algorithms through the online upgrade function.

algorithms. This configuration function allows customers to configure the positioning update rate independently to obtain the applicable low power consumption; allows customers to update the latest optimization progress of global multimode positioning; and allows customers to increase the optimization of global multimode positioning.

This configuration allows customers to configure the positioning update rate independently and obtain the applicable low power consumption; it allows customers to update the latest optimization progress of global multimode positioning; it allows customers to add new control functions, such as positioning records, rules of

features such as position logging, regular geo-fencing, and customized output formats.

Online Upgrade Functionality

ST-26-Z8L series modules support the online upgrade protocol of ZTE Microelectronics. Users can follow the upgrade protocol in the host computer and communicate with the module to

Upgrade protocol, users can communicate with the module in the host computer and upgrade the new software program provided by ST-26-Z8L series module to get the new software features.

software program provided by STMicro to the module to get new software features. Users can also use remote command to remotely control the equipment to start the above upgrade process and realize the

Remote on-line upgrade. For the online upgrade protocol, please refer to "ATGM Module Online Upgrade Protocol".

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