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Shenzhen JND Technology Co., Ltd.

Interpretation of JND(Junnuoda): With the magnanimity of a gentleman, he must fulfill his promises. Be a man in advance, be open-minded with a gentleman, fulfill the mission and promise of the company, respect the customer, create a win-win situation, create long-term value for customers, and return society and employees.

Our company specializes in the technical development and application promotion of GNSS modules and wireless communication products. Relying on the R&D and promotion experience in the field of wireless communication technology, JND has established a technical team with rich software and hardware development experience, aiming to provide domestic and foreign OEM/ODM customers and system integrators provide high-quality, high-performance wireless modules and application solutions, and strive to create long-term value for customers!

Our company's GNSS module is widely used in drones, vehicle security monitoring and dispatching, automatic bus station reporting, DVR driving recorder, car DVD navigation, GPS electronic dog, synchronous timing, high-altitude balloon monitoring, engineering machinery, industrial automation, etc. Application areas.

In the field of wireless communication products, the company keeps up with the latest developments in international communication technology, introduces and acts as an agent for wireless communication modules that meet market needs. The products have a comprehensive layout from 2G, 3G, and 4G, and are widely used in financial electronic payment, vehicle remote control, and remote control. Advertising information, repeater monitoring, mobile Internet terminals, smart home, telemedicine, network testing, corporate information management, anti-theft alarm, remote video transmission, smart meter reading, mobile computing, network navigation, voice phones, wireless gateways, and other fields. The areas of focus include video surveillance, network optimization, routers, POS and other M2M industry applications.

Our company respects every employee, encourages employees to innovate and  be initiative, and establishes an equal, dedicated, active and innovative corporate culture. Innovation will lead the company's continuous growth. Our company will win the recognition of users and the market with its high-quality products and sincere service. We are willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners to create a win-win situation!

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