Shenzhen JND Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

1. Customer achievement

Be meticulous to understand the details of customers' wishes and needs, and commit to customer satisfaction and success

2. Keep innovating

Taking the promotion of industrial development as the criterion, challenging all possible changes

3. Quality  first

Through rigorous product testing and a complete quality management system, to ensure the reliability and consistency of the delivered customers’ products

4. Honesty and trustworthiness

Obey and maintain all reasonable business rules, maintain proper customer relations, and be a socially responsible corporate citizen

5. JND's core values

With the magnanimity of a gentleman, the fulfillment of promises will be reached. Be a man in advance, with a gentleman's magnanimous mind, fulfill the company's mission and promise, respect the customer, create a win-win situation, create long-term value for customers, and return society and employees

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