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Concentration, Creating Brilliance ----- Junoda Outdoor Group Building Activity Joyful Departure

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Life is not only in front of the metropolis, there are poems and faraway places; work is not only limited to the company to the home of the two points of a line, of course, there are also said to go on the group building activities.



The scene of group building activities

Golden summer July, is a month full of enthusiasm. In order to enhance team cohesion and centripetal force, enrich the cultural life of employees, the company organized a group building activities with the theme of "cohesion, create brilliance", a person can go very fast, a group of talents can go farther, so that everyone can actively integrate into the company's big family. 

The 2023 summer group building activities have been formally kicked off.

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Real CS gun battle grand appearance, no matter which team, everyone is screwed together, which also signifies that our collective whether in work or life, each other are unbreakable, closely linked, and go forward.


Surfing on the beach is a brave way to jump into the sea, experiencing the thrill of plunging into the waves and feeling the bravery given by the sea!


Reunion brings not only the familiarity in life, but also the tacit understanding of work, the mutual familiarity of work ideas, and even the leap of 1+1>2 results. This group building demonstrated the power of teamwork, enhanced the cohesion of the team, and improved the relationship between members.


After an afternoon of outdoor group building activities, enjoying a delicious meal is really a great pleasure on earth. Small partners enjoy delicious, share happiness, at the same time, in this outdoor group building activities, small partners together back to the inn to drink drinks and sing songs, so that we really feel the warmth of the company's big family.



Pengyuan Inn (KTV, swimming pool, mahjong table, billiard table and other facilities)

Happy time is always fleeting, but the good memories will inject new work enthusiasm and motivation for every employee. Employees returning from the group building have expressed that they will quickly adjust their status, return to work, continue the struggle, develop the future, and strive to do new performance and make new achievements in their own workplaces.

Collective need to build, group building cohesion and unity, Junoda Technology will be better tomorrow!


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